First Year of its Publication!

Get timely advice and help with this guide to divination, the Tarot, and the Five-Card Pentagram layout.

This book shows you how to use the Tarot and the Five-Card Pentagram layout in a way that is easy to understand, yet detailed enough to provide useful and practical advice, knowledge, and wisdom.

The Five-Card Pentagram layout gives you a comprehensive view of your life in the present and near-future time-frame. Find advice for your spirit, health, love, mind, and money.

This book is available on my website (below) and all online booksellers such as Amazon, etc. e-books are also available.

“It is a beautiful text: well written, full of useful and practical information but at the same time poetic and intimate.” – Elena Delmastro (Lo Scarabeo, publishing)

“Marv’s book on the Tarot is quite a unique piece of esoteric works, each chapter is easy to understand and right to the point. His knowledge of his craft is exquisite; readers will love the addition of famous quotes with each definition.” – Michelle Riegner