Predictions for 2023

Marv Machura

Psychic Predictions for 2023: Ukraine, Russia, Canada, and the USA

Ukraine 2023

Ukraine will be victorious over Russia in 2023. The win will be in the spring. It will be over by summer.

Ukraine will be entering a new phase of its nationhood with huge potential and much happiness. The Universe will be blessing this land and people with a great opportunity of going forward with auspicious purpose, love, and destiny.

The death and destruction that swept the nation in its past will continue to influence present events, but the suffering, grief, and death will be in the past, not the present or future. The future belongs to a young and vigorous nation that will lead the region forward.

Russia 2023

Russia, itself, will remain an intact and successful state, but its Federation and its influence will diminish.

There will be no going back to the pre-2022 Russia. It will be impossible to stop this process and these events are developing already and will continue to develop over the winter/spring of 2023.

The new Russia may not be as rich or influential as it once was, but it will be a much happier place to live, work, raise a family, etc.

Canada 2023

There will be a non-confidence vote in the parliament, and the resulting election will remove Trudeau from power, being replaced by Paul Poilievre.

The new government will be young and hungry for change. They will be strong and confident in their direction. The people of Canada will see some immediate changes driven by conservative pragmatism rather than liberal largess.

Many of these changes will be determined by a passionate desire to punish and abolish the people and institutions that have abused their power and authority or deliberately mislead the people.

There will be new discussions and actual movement toward an upcoming and important constitutional summit from all parts of Canada and progress will be made. Canada will be ready for this, and if the leaders move swiftly, they will do much to bring an end to the destructive, divisive conflicts between regions and groups, even with Quebec.

The United State 2023

The USA will be having a high point of happiness and wellness this year. Much of the tribalistic and regional fighting will cool down and, in some corners and arenas, come to an end. Many leaders and instigators of the recent US political conflicts will be removed from power via their own volition and the electoral process.

Underpinning this happiness will be a surging economy, full employment, and an ardent desire to get on with the American dream of building a fantastic future through individualism, new‑immigrant energy, and a booming leisure/entertainment industry. People will want to have fun and take chances.

People will make the “good old days” return. There will be a resurgence of nostalgia of all types such as the “Roaring Twenties.”

There will be many new leaders emerging this year that will be markedly different from the recent past. These new leaders will be balanced, well educated, young, and respectful. As such, they will distance themselves from the current set of leaders.

Biden’s will resign due to poor and failing health. However, Kamala will not be the next president.

The courts and the constitution will much in the news in all parts of the country, and many judgements will be passed. These judgements will be fundamental and will shape the country from many years to come.