The Fool (From my book The Five Card Pentagram Tarot)

“Just keep taking chances and having fun.” – Garth Brooks

     When you draw the Fool, your spirit will soon be adventurous, energized, and cheerful. Your spirit will want to step out of its ordinary routine and comfort zone, and you should listen to and follow this desire. These steps that you will take have good energy and the potential to dramatically alter the direction of your life in wholesome and exciting ways. So be confident that whatever you do will work out well for your spirit. As the first card in the Trump suit, the Fool can be seen as representing the primary step in the journey of your spirit toward enlightenment. In order to learn and grow, you need to take risks, get out there, and be ready for the transformations that are bound to happen.

     Do something that your spirit has longed to do, but you have put it off due to mundane concerns and everyday excuses. Be more playful, carefree, and happy. Be daring and brave! In particular, do not be afraid of others calling you a fool or foolish. Embrace the foolishness in you. See the seriousness, intensity, and solemnity around you as ironically foolish. Let go of anything that has held you back from living a happier more engaging life; for example, you may have been holding a grudge or vendetta that has made your spirit the opposite of what this card represents.

     Your spirit will dance, sing, and be happy. It is a beautiful world in spite of all its pretence, toil, and seeming imperfections. Do not sit around in a depressive, angry, or listless mood. As trite as this sounds, life is largely what you make of it. Realize and celebrate the fun and excitement of your life. You will not need to worry beyond basic safety and security where you are going and what you are doing. Do not hesitate to get started; take those first risky steps. Get out there! No excuses. Do things you love and love your life! Have fun! Carpe Diem!