A Green Comet Comes Our Way

Hi Friends,

All things else being equal, comets are harbingers of big changes coming to our planet and our lives. And these comet-announced changes are not the gradual evolutionary changes that are always ongoing. Comets announce dramatic and sudden changes that bring a dramatic period of upheaval, death, and rebirth in a relatively short span of time.

Typically, comets predict big changes in governorship, politics, etc. So this new comet will likely follow this same pattern.

This is not a bad thing unless you are the one currently in power and you are about to disposed. Also bad is if you are a part of the old, entrenched order and are about to be replaced with something new.

The colour green is strongly associated with Muslim/Arab ruled countries and governments. As such, I predict that this comet is sign for significant upheaval in Muslim/Arab ruled states. I see significant changes ahead for this part of the world starting with revolutionary and violent upheavals that will not only disrupt the entrenched order but also replace it with a new, younger, and more vital system of government.