Tuesday is named after the Norse God, Tyr.  Tyr’s Day.


French, Japanese, Roman, and many other cultures associate this day with action, battle, and engagement. Tyr is a warrior god who leashed the great wolf. So, this association of Tuesday with action, career, and successful engagement is natural and firmly entrenched.

Also, Tuesday is ruled by the planet of action and energy, Mars. As such, Tuesday is a great day for getting things done. In French and Spanish, Tuesday is still called Mars’s day: Marde and Martes, respectively.

Monday (Moon’s Day) is partly about setting an emotional and mystical tone for the week, and Tuesday is about putting that tone into action.

Tuesday is thus, a good day to launch and go forward with projects, make decisions, and get ahead, especially when it comes to our career.

The energy of Tuesday can help us make progress in all areas of our life.

The Universe blesses those actions that align with our passions, identity, and purpose. So, if nothing more, Tuesday is a good day to indulge in those things about which we are passionate and those things that define us. And it also is a good day to assess our life’s alignment with our passions and identity if feeling somewhat lost or aimless.

We can use the energy of Tuesday to get a clearer picture about what we want to accomplish. We can also use this energy to do something to make progress toward that goal.  

This day is blessed with positive energy! We can access this metaphysical power to give us the energy and drive that we need to travel on toward our destiny.

Marv Machura www.universe-psychic.com