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Here’s an article that the Morningstar graciously published in their newspaper! The news worthy aspect is the upcoming MysticaFair in Vernon this coming Saturday.

It is true that many musician’s like myself have higher than average rates of psychic abilities. This is because as musicians (and especially songwriters like myself) we are tuning into the metaphysical vibrations of the Universe the in art and practice of music in a more direct way than other professions. Nicolas Tesla said that to understand the Universe, we need to think in terms of vibration, frequency, and energy. This is music: vibration (tone), frequency (notes), energy (dynamics/amplitude).

Vernon Morningstar Article

PDF of Article on Me and the MysticAfair

Marv Machura can read more than just music. The local musician can also read minds and tarot cards.

“Many musicians are also psychics,” said Machura, who is also an author. “It’s just that I decided to go professional with it during the COVID crisis due to the lack of live music.”

Machura will be among a small collective of psychics at the Centre for Spiritual Living in Vernon for Saturday’s Psychic Fair.

This psychic and healing arts fair (MysticAfair) is part of an original project started by one of the Okanagan’s premier practicing psychics, Alara Serait.

“In 2020 and the COVID crisis, MysticAfair reinvented itself into the Little Psychic Fair that is more intimate and friendly than some of the bigger psychic fairs that I was running before 2020,” she said.

The MysicAfair events have steadily grown in popularity, especially over the past year, said Serait.

MysticAfair is a collective of psychic and metaphysical practitioners with Seriat featuring various psychics and crafters for each event, so each is unique.

The Psychic Fair starts at 12 p.m. and goes until 6 p.m. at 2913 29th Ave. Admission is $5. For more information, visit

The fairs take place monthly, alternating between Vernon and Kelowna.