St Patrick’s Day! March 17

The Christian/Catholic Saint, Patrick, is famous for converting people of Ireland from their older religion to the newer Catholic one. This day, March 17, is supposedly the day of his death, but as with most new religious days of celebration, it follows from the older religion that it replaced.

March 17 is right in the middle of that range of busy dates from March 15-21. The Ides of March to the Spring Equinox.

These dates are ripe with similar celebrations that have been passed down through the millennia, and as such, there is a lot going on here.

The Green Man by Dellamorteco

Without going into too much detail here, suffice it to say, that this week’s celebrations all have to do with joy, intoxication, fertility, sexuality, re-birth, luck, and blessings for the upcoming new year (spring) and the end of the winter.

It is deeply rooted in our human DNA to be thus engaged this time of year. To deny these feelings, celebrations, and blessings is just plain wrong! We are, after all, children of the Universe and as such, we are deeply connected to the turning of our Earth in its orbit around the sun that causes the seasons change from winter to spring!

So get out there and celebrate, let loose, have fun, enjoy yourself. Connect with the green—the colour of material wellness, wealth, fertility, life, growth, luck, joy, etc.!

Vesna (Slavic Goddess of Spring) by Arsdeis