The Universe Trump Card by Renata Lechner (The Millennium Thoth Tarot)

The Universe Psychic Services is dedicated to your spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and material wellness.

Everyone has psychic abilities and awareness; nevertheless, not everyone has enough of these abilities, experience, and education to be a practising psychic. This is why people will often seek the services of those who have an abundance of these abilities, experience, and education

Marv Machura has been a practising psychic for the past three years. He is available for a variety of psychic services and is happy to help you on your journey forward in life.

Through this website you can learn more about the metaphysical vibrations that run through the Universe in general and your own life in particular.

This website also allow you to purchase Machura’s new, self-help book on the Tarot and divination: The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot, get updates on Tarot-card reading locations, book a personal or group divination session, and keep informed on everything related to your spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and material wellness as you travel onward.

“You are a child of the Universe; like the earth and the stars, you have a right to be here.” – Max Ehrmann.

Magic, Music, and Metaphysics

Brief Bio: Marv Machura

Marv Machura’s life is about magic, music, and helping people forward in their lives. Like many other musicians, Marv Machura has psychic abilities that he has practised over his lifetime. Machura’s grandfather first opened the world of psychic power to him by teaching how to find underground water, channelling the water’s vibrational energy with a willow branch. Machura discovered that could see into the future with playing cards, channelling energies much as he had done when divining water. Machura practised his psychic gifts for many years with friends and family until going professional a few years ago with Tarot Cards and writing his first book on the Tarot in 2021.

Marv Machura has helped thousands of people move forward with their lives. He is known as an intuitive, accurate, and honest psychic. He is also known for his knowledge of the ancient Kabala, Tarot, Bible, Hermetics, Metaphysics, Greek/Roman Religion, and other ancient learning and magic such as Slavic, Celtic, and Egyptian gods and goddesses. He also is known for giving helpful magical energy, attraction, and protective advice, service, and spells: this includes plant, candle, colour, and sensual magic.

Machura is also a (Western Canadian) singer-songwriter and performing/recording artist known for his many records and songs that have been published in Nashville and heard around the world as he continues to perform, write, and record music. See www.marvmachura.com for more.

He currently lives in Vernon, British Columbia with his life partner, Brenda Fraser and their dog, Cherie Amour. He continues fill his life with love, life, magic, and music! See more at www.universe-psychic.com