The Millennium Thoth Tarot

The Millennium Thoth Tarot is the Tarot Deck is the deck that inspired the book: The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot.

While the book can be used with any Tarot Deck, the book works best with this relatively newly published deck (2019). The cards are created by Renata Lechner and the deck is published by Lo Scarebeo.

The Millennium Thoth Tarot

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“I hope this Tarot deck will prove as magical for you as it has been for me.” – Marv Machura

The Tarot (from the Five-Card Pentagram Tarot)

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

– Hamlet speaking to Horatio, Act I, Hamlet

For many years and in many cultures, the Tarot deck of cards has been used as a way to divine the future and provide timely guidance, knowledge, and advice to seekers. The Tarot has been one of the most popular and enduring mediums or channels to access this aspect of the Universe in which you dwell and of which you are an important, vital part.

The Tarot cards reflect key elements in your life such as money, relationships, mind, spirit, and energy. In addition, the cards reflect elements of your complex humanity. As such, the Tarot provides concrete representations of these foundations and the multifaceted qualities that comprise your human nature. The Love, Lust, and Death cards are good examples of this.

The cards go further to concretely represent cosmic forces outside of and working within your life. The Sun, Moon, and Star cards are examples of this. The Tarot cards also provide representations of archetypical human characteristics such as The Fool, Hierophant, and Priestess. In short, the Tarot cards are an incredible encyclopedia of iconic, symbolic, and condensed knowledge and wisdom. The Tarot cards have a wonderful ability to help you understand the nature of your humanity and assist you on your incredible journey forward in your life.

The Tarot is a resource that has been crafted and created by many people and passed down through the ages, perhaps stretching back to our earliest human ancestors. It has never stayed static; it has proven durable enough to last and fluid enough to change. As humanity continues forward, there likely will be no end to new versions and interpretations that build upon and alter the Tarot decks that are flourishing today and into the future.

Each Tarot deck is unique and maintains its own reality in the time and space of its creation. All interpretations of each deck are also unique. Each new deck and each new guidebook complement the lore inspired by the Tarot.

For this book, a relatively newly‑published Tarot deck has been used: The Millennium Thoth Tarot. Renata Lechner created the visual art for the cards, and Lo Scarabeo is the publisher Ó 2019. This deck is a beautiful and inspiring Tarot that has a modern feel and look. It is a deck appropriately named for the new Millennium that humanity has entered. This new version of the Tarot has a pronounced positive vibrational energy that accords with the age in which we now live. Whenever this book refers to the imagery on a particular card, the reference is to imagery used in this Tarot deck.

As a Thoth deck, the cards are based on and closely related to the Thoth deck created by Crowley and Harris in the 1940s. As a Thoth deck, the cards also are a more‑modern or new‑age deck than older versions of the Tarot; in fact, the motivation behind Crowley and Harris’ deck was to provide a Tarot for the new age they saw emerging. Nevertheless, all the interpretations of the cards in this divinatory guidebook can be transferred to other decks that you, the seeker, may have at hand.

If you are using another Tarot deck, follow the suggestions given herein. Most of the differences have been explained.  Keep in mind that these differences should not be an impediment to your engagement with the Tarot and your sincere desire to divine your future.