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The Universe Psychic Services provides fortune-telling, psychic counselling, card-reading, education, Tarot book, and Tarot card sales.

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If you prefer, you may purchase The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot book on,, Chapters Indigo, and most other online book retailers. The book is available as a paperback and e-book. Also the Millennium Thoth Tarot is available at most online book sellers and Lo Scarebeo Publishing.

Most psychic services can be delivered online or in person. Group rates (providing card-reading for more than one person as in a social setting) are available.

Marv Machura has helped thousands of people who have come to him seeking his psychic services in divination and/or counselling to travel forward in their lives.

The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot; 190 pages.
The Millennium Toth Tarot Deck by Renata Lechner
“I hope that this deck proves as magical for you as it has for me.” – Marv Machura

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$25.00: Purchase The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot book. (plus shipping and handling)

$40.00. Purchase The Millennium Thoth Tarot Deck. (plus shipping and handling)

$50.00: Purchase a Five-card Pentagram Tarot Reading or any other type of Tarot Card Reading: Starting at $50.00.

$60.00: The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot book and the Millennium Thoth Tarot deck. (plus shipping and handling)

$70.00: The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot book with a online Five-Card Reading and in-person instruction how to use the book with your Millennium Thoth Deck. (plus shipping and handling)

$70.00: Purchase an e-copy (electronic sent by email) of a Five-Card Pentagram Tarot Card Divination made specially for you. Your personal written divination will include your future predictions and timely advice along with pictures of your cards that have been drawn describing what your near future holds (5-7 pages): Spirit, Health, Love, Mind, and Money? Note this service is provided without a face-to-face or personal online meeting. You will need to exchange some photos, however.

$80.00: Purchase a high-quality paper copy of a written version of your Five-Card Pentagram Tarot Card Reading. You written divination will include colour pictures of your cards describing what your near future holds (5-6 pages): Spirit, Health, Love, Mind, and Money. (plus shipping and handling). Note this service is provided without a face-to-face or personal online meeting. You will need to exchange some photos, however.

$110.00: Purchase a Five-Card Pentagram online reading session, a copy of The Five-Card Pentagram Tarot book, and the Millennium Thoth Tarot deck. (plus shipping and handling)

$7.00 shipping in Canada; $12.00 shipping to the USA; for other International orders, contact for price. PayPal, Square, Credit/Debit Card, and email payments accepted. This is for a single item. Multiply fees for each item extra shipped with the order.

Discover your future with the help of this guide to the Tarot Cards! This guidebook teaches you how to complete the Five-card Pentagram Layout: this layout speaks to your present and near future by drawing one card from each part of the Tarot deck. With this guidebook, you will get a focused and purposeful reading of each card that you draw and arrange in the classic pentacle shape. Find out and understand what the Universe has in store for your spiritual journey (Trumps), your health and energy (Wands), your emotions and relationships (Cups), your mind and intellect (Swords), and your money and possessions (Pentacles). This guidebook also teaches you how to engage with the cards and the metaphysical magic and energy that is at the heart of all Tarot card divination and fortune telling. This book will help you in all aspects of your life as you travel forward, making the most of each moment, and realizing your potential, purpose, and direction.

Discover your future and timely advice for your spirit, health, love, mind, and money!

“It is a beautiful text: well written, full of useful and practical information but at the same time poetic and intimate.” – Elena Delmastro (Lo Scarabeo, publishing)

“Marv’s book on the Tarot is quite a unique piece of esoteric works, each chapter is easy to understand and right to the point. His knowledge of his craft is exquisite; readers will love the addition of famous quotes with each definition.” – Michelle Riegner

“I have read many books on the Tarot and related topics, and I find that your book is definitely one of the best of best. It is well written and put together! I predict that your book both impress and help many people as you get it out there in the wide world. Congrats!” George Wolinsky (practising psychic)

“Your book has been so helpful to me; I find myself looking into it and my Tarot cards for advice all of the time.” – Samantha Rosen

I have learned a lot about the Tarot cards–and life in general–from reading your book. My son and daughters love it too!” – Lynda Murdoch

“This book has really changed my life and how I look at my future. I am so glad I got a copy of it (with my reading) last week. Thanks again!” – Dave McDawson.

“One thing about your book is how easy it is to read and follow. You have made these difficult concepts so clear and concise.” – Will Blackstone

About the Author: Marv Machura is a writer, teacher, and performer. He, like many other musicians, has psychic abilities that he has practised over his lifetime. His grandfather first opened the world of psychic vibrations by showing him how to find underground water by channelling the vibrations with a willow branch. Machura realized that he could see into the regular card deck at a young age and practised this for many years with friends and family. He moved on to the Tarot deck when he started practising as a professional psychic at farmers’ markets and events around his hometown of Vernon, BC. As a student-centred classroom teacher, he has taught and transformed the lives of many thousands of students over his 35+ year career. He has also presented at many conferences and published many articles on teaching and learning, Marshal McLuhan media ecology, and the transcendental, transformative nature of classroom experience. As a singer songwriter, he has released four CDs and many singles and continues to write, record, produce, and perform music. He is known as a neo-folk artist of Western Canada. He is also an engaging live performer who continues to perform at events, festivals, and concerts. He has performed for many thousands of people over his 40+ years as a professional singer, guitarist, and band leader. As a writer, Machura has published many articles, poems, and stories. He recently published a collection of poetry, Wonder, which explores those moments of miracle, transformation, and clarity that come to us when we see into the infinite. He currently lives in Vernon, British Columbia with his life partner, Brenda Fraser, their cat, Nahatik, and their dog, Cherie Amour.